Raptiva (generic name efalizumab) is a prescription drug that is used to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Raptiva is a biologic drug. Biologics are made from human or animal proteins. The medications made from these proteins are specifically designed to help correct the body's process that causes psoriasis.

This medication works by blocking the activation of certain immune cells, called "T cells," and the migration of those cells into the skin. T cells are a type of white blood cell in the body that normally help us ward off foreign invaders and fight infection. In psoriasis, however, these T cells are mistakenly activated and there are too many of them in the skin. This triggers other immune responses that fuel the development of psoriasis lesions. By blocking T-cell activation and the movement of these cells into the skin, Raptiva interrupts the cycle of psoriasis, leading to improvement in symptoms for many people who take it.

If you are considering using Raptiva, it is very important to be aware of better and safer alternatives.

How well does it work

Most users began to experience improvement within four to six weeks. According to Raptiva's drug information label, after 12 weeks of once a week injections under the skin:--Between one out of five (22 percent) and two out of five patients (37 percent) experienced 75 percent or better improvement in psoriasis severity scores.--Between half (52 percent) and three of five patients (61 percent) experienced at least a 50 percent improvement in psoriasis severity scores.

Most independent medical studies have indicated that it takes longer to achieve these results. This is important to know especially when comparing treatment options.

How is it used

Like all medications, the directions should be carefully followed. Users give themselves an injection under the skin (subcutaneously-SC) on the thigh, abdomen, buttock, or upper arm, once a week; or use as directed by your doctor.

Before injecting each dose, clean the injection site with rubbing alcohol. It is important to change the location of the injection site weekly.

This medication is designed to be taken continuously to maintain improvement. In the clinical studies, the symptoms of psoriasis returned in one or two months after treatment was stopped.

Side effects

Headache, infections (usually upper respiratory infections), chills, nausea, flu syndrome, fever, back pain, and acne are the most common side effects. Often they occur after the first dose, and decrease after your body gets used to taking the medication. Many doctors prescribe the first dose or two to be smaller to reduce these side effects.

This medication does suppress the immune system, which means it has the potential to increase the risk of infection. The most serious side effects were very rare, but included: unusual bleeding or bruising, unusual lumps, swollen glands, changes in skin appearance other than psoriasis affected areas.

It is very important to know the side effects especially when comparing Raptiva and Amevive. Both medications have severe side effects.

Due to the side effects, and the fact that it is not a permanent cure, we recommend you consider a better and safer alternative.

Better and safer treatment options

Conventional medicines like Raptiva only treat the symptoms of psoriasis. They do not address the fundamental cause. This only provides temporary relief.

There are many in the health care field that believe psoriasis is curable by using the right natural treatments. They believe that treating psoriasis from the inside and from the outside can reduce or cure it. Topical treatments from the outside will relieve symptoms and provide temporary relief. Treatment from the inside will help build up your immune system, and reduce or eliminate future outbreaks. Building up your immune system is the key to long-term psoriasis relief.

For the topical treatment of psoriasis, we have found an extremely effective product. It contains only safe and natural ingredients, and we believe it is the best psoriasis product on the market. That product is Thena Healing Cream. You follow this link to learn more about it on Amazon, read user reviews, and see if it may be right for you.

We have been recommending a product for several years now to help strengthen your immune system. It also contains only safe and natural ingredients, and the results have been remarkable. For treating psoriasis, we believe it is absolutely essential. That product is Zenmed Skin Support Supplement. Follow this link to learn more about it, and how it can help you.

We have seen even the worst cases of psoriasis eliminated. You just need to start your treatments for psoriasis immediately, and use the right safe natural ingredients.

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